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How effective is it?

 Remote communication today gives us the opportunity to participate in what previously seemed impossible, and it is very similar to the fact that we do not plan to return to wired phones and writing real letters.

Online consultation is an opportunity to stay in your comfort zone and have a conversation with a specialist.

It is an opportunity to be more mobile and use technology to get help when you need it. 

Is this type of therapy suitable for all cases?

More likely no, than yes. Working in the classic version of therapy will be more effective. If your case is more suitable for classical therapy, the main task of online consultant is to explain all the option and assist you to find your the specialist or any additional options.

How can you trust a person on the other side of the planet?

It is very important to protect yourself and understand that the person who is qualified psychologist or psychotherapist. 

For this, it is necessary to sign an agreement, which contains several basic rules for conducting therapy / consultation, as well as documents proving the qualifications of the consultant. This is very important to establish a trusting and secure relationship.

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